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Expatica’s I Am Not A Tourist Fair 2017 The event takes place at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam on October 8, 2017 from 10:00 - 17:00. Read More

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Business outings and liability

The summer period is on the way. This could be an excellent opportunity for your company to organize a getaway or a drink as a reward for your team. But could the company be held liable if damage that occurs during such a company outing? Liability law expert Peter van Eijk brings you the answers.

Attention divorcing Aussies!

Suppose you are an Australian, now living in The Netherlands. While you were living in Australia, you got married. During your marriage, you received an inheritance following your parents’ death in Australia. You’re now getting divorced in The Netherlands. Do you have to share your inheritance with your ex?

Recognising Foreign Spousal Maintence Decisions

What if a court in America or Switzerland or elsewhere has made a ruling on spousal maintenance and you want to invoke it to claim against their assets in the Netherlands? Recognition of foreign maintenance decisions There are currently few treaties in force that give recognition to foreign courts’ decisions on maintenance. No arrangements have […]

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