Both employees as well as employers often feel overwhelmed when confronted with issues involving employment law. Especially as an expat with a Dutch employment contract. Fortunately, the protection of expats against unfair dismissal has been increasing over the years.

Employment or labour law is an intricate and complex field, subject to changes at any given moment. It requires both sharp analysis as well as fine-tuned awareness of the wide range of emotional aspects involved. GMW’s LED lawyers are known for their handling of employment issues with international components. They are ready to take on your case, making first an in-depth scan of all the aspects defining your specific situation.

We offer advice, litigation and out-of-court-settlement practice regarding matters related to:

  • employment contracts;
  • competition clauses and business relation clauses;
  • statutory directors and top managers;
  • (instant) dismissal;
  • redundancy packages;
  • illness and reintegration;
  • working hours;
  • industrial accidents and occupational illness;
  • flexible working relationships;
  • equal opportunity (discrimination issues);
  • being a good employee/employer;
  • privacy issues;
  • bullying.


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