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September 8, 2017: The Day of Divorce

Friday, September 8 is the Day of Divorce. This is a day when you can obtain information about divorce from specialist lawyers. The Day of Divorce is organised by the professional association of family law practitioners and divorce mediators (VFAS). This year GMW lawyers is taking part in the Day of Divorce and throwing our doors open. The advice you receive in a consultation with one of our lawyers will cost you nothing.

Who is the Day of Divorce for?

We are there on the Day of Divorce to answer your questions not just about divorce, but also in cases of a relationship breakdown where you are not married, whether it concerns you, a family member or someone you know. At our offices GMW lawyers can help you with your questions about the different ways of approaching divorce, what arrangements need to be made in a divorce and who is best able to help you.

What issues come up during divorce?
There are lots of things to consider in a divorce. Do you want to arrange the divorce together or separately? Through the courts, by mutual agreement or via a mediator? What should you do about children? What arrangements need to be made for them? Divorce also often brings big financial issues into play: maintenance for partners and children, division and/or calculation of assets. And of course your pension: what can and should you do about it? Or private businesses. A separate section of our divorce practice deals with businesspeople and their partners.

Why take legal advice?
It makes sense to get the best possible support in a divorce. This might be for the sake of the children, to maintain good relations in the future or for financial reasons. Good legal advice is essential in all these situations.

Who can I speak to on a no-obligation basis?

GMW lawyers’ family law specialists will be happy to help you with your questions on the Day of Divorce. They deal with divorce cases on a daily basis, both national and international. They represent their clients in court proceedings, as mediators or as advisers in the background, with all due discretion.

Free 30 minute consultation

GMW lawyers cordially invite you for a free 30-minute consultation. We are happy to answer all your questions on the subject of divorce. Please provide your details via the GMW lawyers website. We look forward to helping you.

Antoine De Werd - Expat lawyer (family law)

Antoine de Werd is a partner and head of the family law section at GMW lawyers. He studied Business Law at the University of Leiden and was admitted to the The Hague Supreme Court Bar in 1989. Immediately after, he started GMW lawyers as one of the founders.

Throughout his career, Antoine has concentrated on resolving financial disputes involving high net worth individuals and families. He is one of the few male specialised divorce lawyers in the Netherlands and has substantial legal experience in (international) divorces, especially those involving companies, complex maintenance claims, division of assets/property, retirement benefits and set-off clauses.

Antoine understands that divorce and separation are difficult times. Rather than focusing on the current painful situation, Antoine helps his clients achieve their goal: getting the best solution for their divorce.

A trained mediator as well as a collaborative divorce practitioner, Antoine is also an experienced litigator, so should an out of court settlement fail, he will represent you in court.

Antoine is a member of the Association of Family lawyers and Divorce Mediators (vFas) and  the Association of Collaborative Divorce (VvCP).