Susan Meijler

Susan studied Law at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and works as a lawyer since 1986. Since then, she has gained an immense amount of experience in dealing with the full range of matrimonial and separation issues in international divorces.

Furthermore, she is an expert in contested financial disputes both in and outside court. Susan joined GMW advocaten in 2011 and she is a member of the Family Mediators Association. One of her key strengths is the ability to empower her clients so that they are able to understand and take control of the process with a view to moving forward constructively. Not in the least for the children’s sake. She further specialises in strongly contested residence and contact disputes and is experienced in dealing with the legal aspects of child abduction.

Susan frequently acts for parents whose children have been taken abroad illegally and assists in obtaining their return.

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Forced contact between parent and child
Susan Meijler

What do you do if after a divorce you, as a child, want to remain in contact with one of your parents, but your parent does not want to stay in contact with you?  Case law Let us look at the details of a case in order to illustrate the above mentioned issue: After the relationship […]

Proof of cohabitation and the duty to pay maintenance: it remains difficult!
Susan Meijler

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Benefits from talking to a divorce specialist
Susan Meijler

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