Seliz Demirci

+31 70 3615048

Seliz Demirci

Expat employment law, liability law

Seliz represents international employees on a variety of issues within employment law, such as dismissal, conditions of employment, incapacity for work, non-competition clauses and termination agreements. Seliz also has knowledge of and experience in liability law. She advises and litigates on matters concerning employers’ liability for industrial accidents and occupational diseases.

Seliz has a good feel for the interests at stake in a case and likes to keep the lines of communication with her clients short. She is tenacious and a good negotiator. Clients characterise Seliz as highly engaged, decisive, honest and solution-focused. Her empathy and emotional intelligence help clients feel at ease and allows her to understand the case well.

Seliz is closely involved in the expat community as an attorney and in her role as member of the advisory board of ACCESS.

Contact Seliz for advice on Dutch employment law. She can assist you in English, Dutch or Turkish.