Mechteld van Veen-Oudenaarden

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Mechteld van Veen-Oudenaarden

Expat company law, insolvency law

Mechteld van Veen-Oudenaarden started her career as a lawyer in Rotterdam, where besides practicing maritime law, she became acquainted with insolvency law.

In the “wet” shipping practice, she quickly learned to comprehend problems, seek out legal and practical solutions, as well as to negotiate. This also proved very useful with insolvency law. In the meantime, Mechteld specialised in insolvency law and regularly acts as a court appointed trustee.

Mechteld is affiliated with the specialist association for insolvency lawyers “Insolad” and has written several blogs about management liability and bankruptcy fraud. Besides acting as a trustee, she advises companies in difficulty on the best possible way to restructure debts. Mechteld also has a debt collection and general contract law practice.

Mechteld’s other specialisations are corporate and contract law, particularly litigation and advising on corporate law matters as well as on contract law issues such as (management) liability.