Marie – Christine Veltkamp

Marie- Christine studied law at the University of Leiden and has an extensive experience in real estate law. She joined GMW advocaten in 2012, after she and her family returned from a four year stay in the Sultanate of Oman. Because of her experience abroad she is aware of the problems that expats might encounter.

Marie-Christine is specialized in tenancy law and she is a member of the Specialist Association of Tenancy Law Lawyers. She advices on complicated matters of tenancy law regarding both residential and business accommodation. Her clients are housing corporations, local authorities, food service industries, enterprises of all sizes and national and international private individuals. Her legal advice and litigation include the field of commencement and expiration of the lease, general terms and conditions, defects on delivery, concurrence of tenancy regimes, joint tenancy, hemp plantations, disturbances by neighbours, etc. Marie-Christine gives lectures on tenancy law to several real estate companies.

Marie-Christine also has a wide experience in purchase and sale of real estate, apartment rights, construction law, administrative law, law of obligations and debt-collection. She is well-known for her analytical skills combined with a vigorous approach.

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New EU regulations limit mortgage options for expats
Marie-Christine Veltkamp-van Paassen

On 14 July 2016, as a result of a new directive from Europe, the so-called Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD) under Dutch law has been amended. What does this amendment exactly entail? Wage received in euros The objective of the MCD is to protect expats who do not receive their wage in euros, but do have […]

Tenants: right to select a new housemate
Marie-Christine Veltkamp-van Paassen

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you rented a room and got to choose your own housemates? Just like in the TV series Friends, where Joey, Ross and the other tenants have their own room, while sharing the kitchen and bathroom. But what happens in terms of the law when Ross moves out because he wants […]

Buying a house in the Netherlands: defects
Marie-Christine Veltkamp-van Paassen

A horrible scenario: you have bought a house and later discover defects and deficiencies. What to do and who is to blame? Or more importantly: who is legally responsible? In the case of ownership of a pre-existing home the crucial moment for accountability for defects is the moment of ownership transfer. (A pre-exisiting home means you […]