Child maintenance

Child maintenance 2021

What you need to know about child maintenance in the Netherlands in 2021 from maintenance specialist Dylan Bertsch.

What is child maintenance?

Child maintenance (also called child support) is a contribution that one parent pays to another parent after:

  1. a divorce,
  2. termination of a registered partnership or
  3. termination of the relationship.

The parent receiving the maintenance may only use that maintenance for costs related to the child.

Who has to pay child maintenance?

In principle, both parents are financially liable for maintenance. It is also possible that there are more than two persons who are financially liable for maintenance such as, in some situations, stepparents.

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How is child maintenance calculated?

First, the child’s needs are calculated (almost always using Nibud tables). Subsequently, the financial capacity of the parents is calculated. Finally, the child maintenance is determined depending on the division of care for the children. Despite these standards, calculating child maintenance remains tailor-made.

How long does child maintenance last?

The obligation to pay child maintenance continues until a child reaches the age of 21.

Child maintenance up to the age of 18 must be paid directly to the other parent. From the age of 18, child maintenance can be paid directly to the child, but it can also still be paid to the other parent.

Can interim changes take place?

It is certainly possible to change child maintenance. For example, if the financial situation or family situation changes. Or if child maintenance has been determined on the basis of incorrect data.

Is child maintenance tax deductible?

Child maintenance is tax-free for the recipient. Child maintenance is not tax deductible for the payer. Separate tax rules may apply to expats and maintenance debtors living abroad.

Questions and further information

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