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Legal Expat Desk

The Legal Expat Desk, LED for short, is an information hub, advising the expat community living and working in The Netherlands. We were founded in 2006 by GMW Advocaten, and have since worked with a wide network of legal experts and notaries, all trusted partners of LED.

We regularly publish articles covering a wide spectrum of legal topics. Our experts deliver clear and concise advice, and also keep the public informed about changes in the Dutch legal system.

All the LED- experts - as listed - have been selected because of their extensive experience and expertise in handling legal matters with international aspects.

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Legal Expat Desk

Launch of new GMW Advocaten website

The new website of GMW Advocaten was launched today. Please check

Legal Expat Desk

Start-up permit as of 01-01-2015

As of 01-01-2015 it will be possible to apply for a residence permit to start-up a business which permit will be issued initially for one year. Conditions to qualify for a start-up permit: -the entrepreneur to be must have a facilitator with a reliable […]

Legal Expat Desk

A work permit is valid in all EU member states

Recently the European Court of Justice gave an important judgment regarding the assignment of non EU-workers within the EU. In its judgment, the Court ruled that the Ministry of Social Affairs wrongly imposed a fine on a Netherlands-based company, which did not apply for […]

Qualifying foreign taxpayers as of 2015

Qualifying foreign taxpayers as of 2015

Introduction of new scheme for qualifying foreign taxpayers. What will change? As of January 1, 2015, the current selection scheme for foreign taxpayers as defined under Article 2.5 of the Income Tax Act 2001, expires. Under this scheme, it is possible that foreign taxpayers […]