Personal injury law in the Netherlands

The idea that personal injury claims are often settled through court procedures is an illusion. The reality is that in the Netherlands the vast majority – probably more than 90% – of personal injury law cases are actually settled out of court.

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Liability in a whiplash – 7 FAQs

Whiplash is one of the most common types of injury in traffic accidents, yet determining liability in a whiplash often leads to a long and complicated legal battle. In this blog I answer the 7 most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about liability in whiplash injuries.

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Business outings and liability

The first year’s results are in, and your company has outperformed all expectations. Now is the time to reward your team with a great celebration. But can you really afford the risk of a team outing this summer? Peter van Eijk offers expert insights on the issue of business outings and company liability.

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