Most expats would agree that after signing that much desired contract, the next priority is finding proper housing. Finding a house or an apartment that will keep everybody happy is a tricky issue, anyway. Even more so, when one needs to view the property, negotiate and sign the lease, purchasing or building contract with very limited linguistic and legal awareness, in a foreign country. When you buy an apartment, most of the time you will become a member of the Cooperation of owners, which brings you rights and obligations as well. Likewise, renting business or production premises for exploring your business can be a headache, considering all regulations and provisions applicable. Futhermore, it can be a tough job to negotiate with a building contractor about the renovation of your new bought apartment.

Some of the most frequently asked questions on housing matters are:

  • Are the terms and conditions of the lease/contract reasonable and legal?
  • What is the catch in this contract?
  • Who picks up the bill for renovation and maintenance costs?
  • Does my landlord have access to my flat?
  • What are the terms of cancellation for a lease/contract?
  • The owner sells the apartment. Can I still stay in it?
  • Who pays the city council tax?
  • What to do when the lessor is unwilling to co-operate?
  • Is subletting legal/possible?
  • Who is responsible for hidden defects in the property?
  • Is it possible to cancel a purchase agreement?
  • What is the penalty for cancelling the contract?
  • Who is responsible for the defects after the realisation of an apartment?
  • Can I postpone may payments to the building contractor?

To prevent later complications, it is advisable to consult a LED lawyer from GMW advocaten.


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