Marjet Groenleer

Marjet Groenleer is an attorney-at-law and associate partner at The Hague based GMW advocaten. A firm known for innovative thinking and legal solutions, coupled with entrepreneurial common sense. Marjet worked as a lecturer International Civil Law for several years and at the Court of Appeals in The Hague in the Family Law sector. She is a deputy judge in the Court of Appeals in Amsterdam.

Marjet Groenleer has been active in family law for more than 15 years. Her focus is on (international) divorces. Marjet is a trained divorce mediator with the vFAS (Dutch Association of Family mediators and lawyers). Marjet has a particular interest and a profound knowledge of the international aspects of Family Law. She is an expert in dealing with complex financial and multi jurisdictional cases of an international family breakdown. Because of her experience and previous jobs, she is familiar with several foreign legal systems. A great number of her clients are expats. She has knowledge of the specific situation of expats working for the various international organizations and company’s based in the Netherlands, more specific in the area of The Hague (like EPO, Estec, OPCW, NATO, the tribunals, ICC, Shell, etc.)

Marjet publishes regularly in professional journals and keeps you informed of the various complex aspects of (international) divorces with her weblogs.

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