Information Day Family Law & Inheritance Law 2014

  • Did your divorce turn out more difficult than foreseen?
  • Do you wish to re-evaluate the alimony arrangement?
  • Are there issues to be solved in the visitation schedule? 
  • Having some trouble in organising the inheritance?
  • Do you encounter difficulties in dividing the matrimonial home?  

Modern families are becoming more and more complex. Many people have legal questions about their rights and obligations in personal issues. Normally one does not consult a lawyer very easily.

GMW lawyers wants to drop the barrier and enable people to ask these and other questions. Our doors are open at 9.00 o’clock on Thursday June 12, 2014.

GMW AdvocatenOur lawyers from the department Family Law & Inheritance Law will be ready for you on June 12th. During half an hour we will look into your questions, hopefully finding a personal solution.

Make an appointment without any obligations through or 070 3615048.

Date: Thursday June 12th 2014
Location: Scheveningseweg 52, 2517 KW Den Haag
Time: 09:00 – 17:00