Fingerprints when applying for a residence permit

Godelijn Boonman

In order to improve identity checks on foreign nationals when applying for a residence permit a legislative proposal has been approved by the Senate to use biometric data.

To avoid as much as possible identity fraud, document fraud and illegal stay, checking fingerprints and digital photos will be introduced for purposes of study, work and family immigration. For asylum seeking this method is already in force.

Digital passport photo
Persons applying  for a residence permit will be required to only once give their  fingerprints and supply a digital passport photo which items will be recorded in a central file and also in a chip in the residence permit.

Persons overseas who do the civic integration test before travelling to the Netherlands for family reunification are already required to identify themselves this way and in the future these characteristics will also be filed centrally in the Netherlands, thus preventing fraud when issuing the actual residence permit.

To the biometric details the Personal Data Protection Act will apply.


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